Tips for fitting matting

Our range of coir and polyprop matting is renowned for its quality and if looked after, will provide many years of use.

Below are our top tips for fitting some of our most popular forms of matting.


Half Moon Installation Instructions

  1. Optional first step; lay DPM onto ground and trim with sharp Stanley knife to fit
  2. Lay matting into structure or freestanding, butting the long straight edges upto one another
  3. Optional third step; peg or skewer the matting down
  4. Sit back and admire another easy installation of matting!


Entrance Matting Measuring and Installation instructions

  1. Measure width and length at the outermost corners, possibly giving you different measurements
  2. Measure depth needed if laying into a footwell, if freestanding please allow for any doors which may open over the matting
  3. Place order on our website, at the larger dimensions if necessary to cover the area
  4. Sit back and wait for the delivery man
  5. Drop into well or freestanding if the shape is true and skip to step 7. If trimming is needed please continue to step 6.
  6. If the matting needs trimming, simply flip over so you are cutting from the PVC side with a sharp Stanley knife and straight edge (Paull’s Top Tip – remember the mat is now back to front, so trimming the left side of the PVC as you look at it, will affect the right side when fitted)
  7. Go for a walk, come back and wipe your feet on another easy installation!


Marquee Matting Installation Instructions

  1. Optional first step; Laid DPM on ground, trim to fit with a sharp knife.
  2. Lay Matting on top of the optional DPM or ground, overlapping each piece by 1 or 2cm
  3. Peg 5 skewers or pegs per mat into one end of matting across the width just before the binding
  4. Working your way down the first outer length edge, one skewer or peg every 50cm until you get to the binding at the other end, pulling the matting tight as you move.
  5. Now work your way down the first overlap from one end to the other, again one skewer or peg every 50cm and pulling the matting tight as you move
  6. Repeat step 5 until all overlaps are completed
  7. Work your way down the final outer edge in the same fashion as before
  8. Finally 5 pegs or skewers per piece of the matting just before the binding on the other end
  9. Sit back and admire your work!